Carlton Eastwood

How to piggy back of the successful.

Very few become successful alone. Over the past 10 months many people have helped me by allowing me to piggyback on their success. Carlton Eastwood and his company, EmailListDirect, have shown me that you don’t have to spend your whole budget designing a fancy web site with all the bells and whistles imaginable. The best ways of promoting a new website is by modeling it after a successful one. I don’t mean you should copy everything word for word because that would never work; simply look at what’s working for them, the products and the approach.

A product or service that is related should get a lot of targeted traffic through your existing website though one that complements your website is even better. Carlton Eastwood has already generated over $20 million in sales, and is one of the biggest marketers in the health and fitness niche so I trusted him when he told me that Garcinia Cambogia was the way to go. Cambogia is a weight loss supplement that has been very popular for the past year. It is so popular that it has some of the biggest names on tv promoting the product.

Some of the biggest benefits from taking Cambogia are:

Its an herbal supplement that effectively suppresses the appetite.

Helps to suppress cravings, particularly for carbohydrates and sugary snacks, by increasing serotonin levels produced within the body.

Garcinia Cambogia’s HCA extract can help to reduce levels of cholesterol.

The fruit can also be used to treat gastric related disorders.


All of the accounts that EmailListDirect set up to promote this product were already making a ton of money with this and it was my turn to get in on the action. We set up my site got some of the best writers to create some attention grabbing content and got to work. If you build it, they will come. That’s the way it goes. But what they forget to tell you is that quality leads will make them come and make a purchase. With my initial investment going mostly to my leads, I was able to generate $600 in my first 3 weeks. That might not seem like a big accomplishment, but it is. The big picture that I was able to see was that EmailListDirect did not operate like most companies. They work smart, not hard. They understand the value of a lead and have built a very successful program around that understanding.


who is emaillistdirect?

emaillistdirect knows the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product

or service for the purpose of developing sales.

emaillistdirect has been undergoing substantial changes in recent years from the rise of new

online and social techniques.The abundance of information readily available online has led

to the rise of the self direct buyer ” and the emergence of new techniques to develope and

qualify potential leads before passing them to sales! you might ask yourself what is so

great about emaillistdirect? well for one! the buying process is affordable.emaillistdirect

helps marketers find new ways to reach buyers and get heard through the noise.

instead of looking for customers with mass advertising and email blasts,marketers

must now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers

with so many people on the internet the world has changed from one of information scarcity

to one of information abundance! In fact according to google chairman eric schmidt

“there was 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization aqnd 2003,

but that much information is now created every two days and the pace is rapidly increasing.

emallistdirect buyers are overwhelmed  with all the noise and they are getting better

and better at ignoring the message they do not want to hear.Emaillistdirect helps

buyers research what they do want to learn about on there own.






Email lists help you design, run and track success!

Knowing who you want visiting your site is the most important aspect of your affiliate marketing efforts. To grow your business, you need leads lists that match the profiles of your targeted customers. Email List Direct provides businesses like mine with email marketing services that help you connect with more people, get more traffic to your site and help grow your business on the Internet. Since partnering up with Michael Hampton and his associates, I have generated over 5,000 in sales. The leads generated for me were so laser targeted that I was converting at about 8%. This was due to the fact that so much research in Geographic, demographic, behavioral, and life stage was put into my campaign before it ever went live.


There is still so much to learn from Michael Hampton and Carlton Eastwood. It is a never ending process that I am not only,  looking forward to, but very open and interested in taking on. When I signed up I had one goal in mind. Make money online for the rest of my life. I didn’t expect to have to put so much time and effort into it but I have learned, you get back what you put in. Hard work and dedication are just two of the many virtues needed to succeed. If you have any of those two, you are one step closer.

on the right direction online marketing

about two years ago today i dint have a penny two my name! i was working dead end jobs what paid me barely enough to eat and pay rent till a friend that goes by the name of jesus

told me about online marketing and how much money you can make! At first i thought it was a joke and didnt pay it no mind  as a little time went on i noticed that jesus quit his job

and no body new why because he was one of the hardest workers in the plant! so i decided to give him a call and thats when my life made a complete turn for the best!

jesus told me that he no longer needed a 9-5 back breaking job anymore because the online marketing he was doing was great success for him! so i asked if he could help me get started

with my success so thats when he introduced me to an easier way of making great money! so to get started being a great guy that  jesus is he lend me a generouse amount of money

to help me get started because he knew that in order to make money you have to spend money and he knew this business good enough to where he wasnt worried if i couldnt pay him back

right away! I spoke with a gentelmen named micheal hampton who is understanding when it comes to living a life in poverty and also a great mentor for me.He introduced me to emaillist direct

showed me how to make more than 2000 a week wich I know is more than what my boss was making a month! I paid jesus back and as a token of my appreciaction i gave him double of what he lend

me. I now own my own home wich is in avocado heights wich aint cheap to live! thanks to easylistdirect theres no problem paying my bills and enjoying my life to the fullest.

my appreciation goes out to Jesus krespin and MR.Micheal Hampton.

thanks guys…

dont leave with a bad taste in your mouth

Ive been doing online marketing for about six years now and let me tell you it wasnt easy to find someone who really wants to work with you instead of taking all your money

Ive lost over fourtythousand to scammers who only tell you what you want to hear and make a run with your money! and when something like that happens its not easy to trust anybody

and most of the time its not easy to get money like that back. One day I got a call from a gentlemen named Micheal Hampton regarding my website i had told him of all the money

I had spent and lost and that I was done with online marketing. The things he was telling me were almost to good to be true and to be honest I didnt want to hear none of it!

thats when he told me about emaillistdirect I told him I would look at the site and I didnt gaurantee him a call back! a little time went by and i decided to take a look at the site

emaillistdirect. so being the big dreamer that I am I decided to give it one more shot and believe me it wasnt easy! I called Mr.Hampton back we talked for awhile  he gave me a

guarantee that if I listened and let him help me all the money that i lost would be made back in about month time! well to make a long story short I am making a killing of the awesome

leads Mr.Hampton practically gave me. I doubled my money back and I know own two houses and life is great! I want to apologize to Mr hampton for giving him a hard time when we

first talked he really helped me out more than words can say. emaillist direct is truly amazing! people who have been victims to internet scams should honestly give emaillistdirect a try

and not leave this type of business with A BAD TASTE IN THEIR MOUTH!!!!





When it comes to affiliate marketing, your first step will be the most important. I was lucky enough to find EmailListDirect right out of the gate.  What they offered was very simple, become an affiliate marketer, get a domain, get a product and find people to sell it to. I had a small list of leads but had no idea what to do with them. Thanks to EmailListDirect and my product manager Carlton Eastwood, I am now one step ahead of the game. I chose to pursue the health and wellness niche since it is one of the hottest out right now and so far I have been able to not only build a strong list of potential customers for the future, but also see some results where they matter. Since I joined, my sales have been climbing and I see no sign of them slowing down. If it weren’t for my hard work and perseverance and all of the knowledge and resources that Michel Hampton and Carlton Eastwood made available to me, I would still be buying products that got me nowhere. Looking forward to a long and successful future with you guys!

The Weight Loss Niche: Garcinia Cambogia – VEEMA

Im starting to understand how this works, we got the niche and we got the product! right now theres a product that

goes by the name of garcinia cambogia and from my understanding its making a killing in the market from what ive heard dr.oz  oprah

even movie stars promote it.Alot of people in online marketing want to own  it or raise an eyebrow torwards it. Its actually a really good

health niche people all around the world that are in to marketing want a peice of  this pie! because it brings money and there spending a nice

amount of dollars wanting the best leads taking time out of there days to listen to the webinar. we got people like Mr.Hampton and Mr.Eastwood

who work hard to try to give the people what they want! but the people have a hard time understanding that in order to make money you have to spend

money. the thing about emaillistdirect is that they got some of the best leads money can buy and they only give them away for a dollar!This business is

a great one to learn if u pay attention listen to the people who know what there talking about.theres alot of people that dont know shit of  whats goin on

in online marketing! trying to sell you stuff they dont even know about! but when you get a call from gentlemen like micheal hampton who actually makes

sence and gives you more of an understanding what the product is all about even helps you on finding a domain name if the one you have isnt as strong

knows exactly what niche is hitting based on what product is selling! emaillistdirect is on fire and there leads are sellin like hot cakes!!!!



Marketing Products and Services

online internet marketing is a pretty cool thing if you know what your doing.Its amazing how much money you can make

if you talk to the right people who got the right leads for any niche you want. email lists plays a very important roll in this

kind of business you have to have an email list in order for leads to come in place. a sales pitch is also important you

need a good pitch for the money to start coming in and part of that pitch is to know what your talking about in the type

of products people want! im still learning about certain products that are in certain niches and these are the kind of things

you dont learn overnight thanks to Mr.Hampton Im learnning about the do’s and dont’s when it comes down to giving great

service to the people. you need to tell them what they want to here  make them feel good about what there paying for

im learning that a unsatisfied customer is less money in your pocket! my flaws are not having a great way of using words!

but with the right training of Mr.Hampton I know I can and will get better with my vocabulary and my sales pitch!

these are all things I look forward to in the near future.

First lesson in email list direct marketing.

This is only my second post but I have been trying to make money online for a long time.  I want to keep people updated with my success and my one hope is that at least one person can connect with my story and finally make  a change.  I am not saying EmailListDirect is the only company out there but they are one of few keeping their promises.  Nothing in life is guaranteed. The Internet is no exception. But that does not mean we cant succeed.

Its not hard to get people to come to your site, the problem is getting qualified people to come and not only visit but make a purchase. What good is it to have an affiliate that pays out $75 commissions if every single person visiting is doing nothing.

Michael Hampton and Benjamin Carter have opened the flood gates to my site with laser targeted leads converting at a very high rate. What that means is that for every 100 people coming into my site, about 8 people are becoming buyers. Most affiliates pay out about $60 to $80. The niche I chose to get into pays out $75.  If you do the numbers you should get an idea of the amount of money it is generating for me.

I’ve made  enough sales to get a return on my initial investment and I am in the process of  starting a second campaign.


Thank you, Carlton Eastwood.

first of all I would like to thank carlton eastwood and michael hampton for giving me the best carreer move ive made in my life yet! ive been trying to find sum kind of way to make money online i had no clue of what to do or where to start bringing in some cash!then i started getting familiar with online marketing thats where i came accross emaillistdirect where they actually listen to your situations and try to help you however they can so you can make the kind of money to actually live good. now im driving a 2013 mercedes i get to go see my family who lives in italy and not have to worry about being on a budget! let me tell you in this line of work theres alot of schemers that are trying to make a quick buck and now days its hard to trust anybody!  its very rare when you find people like carlton and mr.hampton who actually care and  know what its like to struggle in life.

thank you emaillistdirect